Village Harmony

Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia

Sighnaghi viewA medieval fort-town and 19th-century administrative center, Sighnaghi is a beautiful and deceptively quiet hill-town perched at the edge of the lower Caucasus mountains in eastern Georgia.  Sighnaghi is home to ancient Bodbe Monastery, and has long been a hot-bed of cultural activity, renowned as a refuge for artists and artisans of all sorts.

Sighnaghi is a compact little town and you can get everywhere you want within the town by foot. In the summertime the town bustles with tourists, but our neighborhood on the hillside facing Tsnori and the Alazani Valley remains a quiet oasis. Stroll around the city walls, follow trails in the forests on the outskirts, take a footpath shortcut to Bodbe Monastery.

hallway-looking-in-front-doorWe will use the three renovated buildings comprising Village Harmony’s ‘retreat center’ in Sighnaghi for lessons, housing and most of our meals while in residence. When we do eat out, however, we will do so in some of the best restaurants in the country!

While much of Sighnaghi has been renovated during the last decade, with newly-paved roads, real sidewalks and street lamps, our lane is one of the town’s last historic hold-outs. The last bit of road to the houses is unpaved and there are no street lights, so be sure to have a flashlight at hand for the nighttime.