Village Harmony

Song on the Times

Windborne, a group of VH alums, have started an incredible project of political songs, and are shooting to make history with one of the largest crowdfunding music campaigns ever. With already over 1,800 supporters from 50 states and 20+ countries, this is a chance to send a powerful message about the power of people coming together to sing! Check out this video of them singing outside Trump tower!
The project supports social action, including distributing sheet music for protest songs to schools across the country. Also, $5 from every book sold through this link will go to support the Village Harmony Scholarship fund!–2/reft/12452901/VHFund
SONG ON THE TIMES is an illustrated songbook and album that brings together music from working class movements for peoples’ rights in the US and UK over 400 years, and sings them for today’s struggles. Enjoy Windborne’s richly harmonized arrangements, a book of beautifully illustrated lyrics and music, alongside historical context from activists, singers, and scholars, including Larry Gordon, Eliza Carthy, David Oliver, Tony Barrand, and others!