Village Harmony

Village Harmony Diversity Scholarship Campaign

For over 27 years Village Harmony has been a place where teenagers who don’t follow the beaten path have been able to come together and experience the sheer power of making music as a community with their peers. But there are still plenty of singers who aren’t represented in our camps in large numbers, including underprivileged students who could greatly benefit from the support of the VH environment.

We have a permanent Diversity Scholarship Fundraising Campaign aimed at expanding the economic, social and racial diversity of our camps by providing generous new scholarship funding for students who might normally not even consider coming to our summer camps because of the price tag attached. In 2016 we were able to offer full scholarships to six young singers and partial scholarships to many more through your generosity! Please continue to contribute generously so that we can offer the Village Harmony experience to even more students in 2017.
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